Programming concerts

The Foundation Cellebroederskapel would like to give (young) musicians an opportunity to perform. Also using our monumental Binvigat-organ is one of our goals. We are a voluntary organization and make no profit on organising concerts.

Would you like to give a concert in the Cellebroederskapel? You can! You can rent the chapel. Our rates are basically fixed.

Also a possibility is to give a concert with an agreed proportion of the receipts to be remitted to the chapel. Minimum contribution per visitor € 10, - (artists and two supervisors for free), 60% of the receipts for the artists and 40% for the Foundation Cellebroederskapel; maximum duration 3 hours including rehearsal. 

If you are interested we would like to receive for publicity on our website:
• a short biography
• programme in concept
• website or link of audio fragments or reviews

For more information and available dates please contact John Eijssen, . 0622360604