Programming Sunday afternoon concerts

Sunday afternoon concerts

The Foundation Cellebroederskapel is organising Sunday afternoon concerts every third sunday of the month.

We are a voluntary organization and can't invest much.
• The artists get 70% of the takings with a minimum of € 200. We don't pay for travellng of transport expenses. We use the opting out form prescribed bij the tax authorities;
• Usually there is an audience of 25 – 50 people. We have 105 seats maximum;
• The admission is € 10;
• There is an organ and a digital piano.(Roland-HP507);
• The acoustics in the chapel are excellent;
• The concert will start at 4 pm en lasts about one hour;
• We will take care of the promotion (website, direct mail, media).

If you are interested we would like to receive:
• a short biography
• programme in concept
• website or link of audio fragments or reviews
• dates that are convenient for you

We will make a selection yearly based on quality, diversity and age of the artists. The program is accomplished till august 2018.

For more information contact mrs Corry de koster,

Organising a concert in our chapel?

Would you still give a concert in the Cellebroedersapel? You can! You can rent the chapel. Our rates are basically fixed, but other shapes are possible, such as free use of the chapel in exchange for a free concert at one of our Sunday afternoon concerts.

Also a possibility is to give a concert with an agreed proportion of the receipts to be remitted to the chapel. Minimum contribution per visitor € 10, - (artists and two supervisors for free), 60% of the receipts for the artists and 40% for the Foundation Cellebroederskapel; maximum duration 3 hours including rehearsal. 

For more information please contact John Eijssen, . 0622360604